Best Multivitamin supplements

Despite being a healthy active person, I used to get sick all the time. If someone with a cold was in the same room as me, within a couple of days I’d get that cold. My immunity was awful! But in the last few years I have been taking what I believe is the best multivitamin on the market.  In that time I haven’t been sick once!

It’s quite clear, these multivitamins have boosted my immunity considerably!!

The need for vitamin supplements has never been greater than it is today. We can thank chemically fertilised, mineral-deficient soils in which we now grow our foods, along with the poor choices we make with out diets, especially an increase in processed food consumption. These two issues cause a severe lack of vitamins and minerals in our bodies.

“There’s good evidence to suggest that if a vitamin or mineral supplement replaces a deficiency, it will be beneficial,” says Dr Trent Watson, accredited practising dietitian (APD) and spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia.

Top Reasons for Multivitamins

  • don’t have time to eat enough fruit and vegetables (although you should make time!)
  • elderly people who struggle to eat certain foods and absorb less vitamins and nutrients
  • people on restrictive diets (due to allergies, intolerances)
  • pregnant women trying to conceive
  • people on a vegan diet who aren’t getting enough iron and vitamin b12

If you want to noticeably improve your health and immunity with just one product, Modere Natural Mineral Drink is the one. It turned my health around and has provided benefits to all my friends I’ve also recommended it to.

adult multivitamin photo

MODERE ADULT MULTIVITAMIN – The advantages of Adult Multivitamin Plus Botanicals with its potent vitamin and mineral formulation with added garlic, chromium and bilberry make it a powerful formula to help maintain energy function and aid in general wellbeing.

Love these multivitamins. They have given me an extra boost of energy over the last 3 months of using!
Grania Fingleton
Great product with ingredients that actually work. Feeling good!
Mel Baker
Fantastic product, started feeling the difference from the first day. Has given me the energy I needed as a full time carer for my disabled partner.
Tina Woods