If you live in Australia you’ll be well aware of the crazy weather we’ve had lately, not just in the major cities but all over the country. One day it’s a beautiful 23 degrees and sunny, the next it’s barely 5 degrees and belting down with hail. Melbournians will experience this within a couple of hours!

It’s no surprise that with the changing temperatures, people’s immune systems are taking a hit, and we are seeing a much higher incidence of sickness for this time of year!

But don’t despair, there are a number of ways you can stay healthy in the changing weather.

Keep getting plenty of exercise

A 30 minute workout a day can keep your blood pumping and help your system tick along. Outside is best to maximise fresh air but for those freezing days some inside activity will do the trick. (don’t be dirty people!)

Drink lots

At least 2 litres of water a day is recommended to flush toxins from your system. Fresh fruit juices (with no additives) are also great, especially those rich in Vitamin C. These will help your immune system going strong. Add honey to soothe a sore throat. A colloidal mineral can also help.

Dress in layers

During a change in season and extreme weather conditions, people can be caught off guard with too little clothing (again don’t be dirty people!). Just because it’s sunny and 23 one day doesn’t mean it can’t be 12 and freezing the next. So during the seasonal transition, dress in layers, so you can add and subtract as needed. It’s better having too much clothing than not enough, and rugging up when necessary will alleviate the toll on your body.

Take quality supplements

In today’s society it is getting harder for your body to receive adequate nutrition. Most of us don’t get the required amount of fruit and veg and taking good quality supplements can make a huge difference to your immunity. Not sure what to take? Spend a few minutes looking around this website and you’ll be just fine 🙂

I hope these tips help and hopefully by the time you’re reading this the crazy weather is just a thing of the past!!