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“There’s good evidence to suggest that if a vitamin or mineral supplement replaces a deficiency, it will be beneficial,” says Dr Trent Watson, accredited practising dietitian (APD) and spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia.

Echinacea Benefits

  • don’t have time to eat enough fruit and vegetables (although you should make time!)
  • elderly people who struggle to eat certain foods and absorb less vitamins and nutrients
  • people on restrictive diets (due to allergies, intolerances)
  • pregnant women trying to conceive
  • people on a vegan diet who aren’t getting enough iron and vitamin b12

If you want to noticeably improve your health and immunity with just one product, Modere Natural Mineral Drink is the one. It turned my health around and has provided benefits to all my friends I’ve also recommended it to.

MODERE IMMUNE HEALTH – The advantages of Immune Health Echinacea tablets with its potent vitamin and mineral formulation with added garlic, chromium and bilberry make it a powerful formula to help maintain energy function and aid in general wellbeing.

I don’t go a day without consuming some of the Neydharting Moor liquid (Modere Natural Mineral Drink). The moor is at least 30,000 years old, lies below ground water level and is encased by glacial rock. With time, rocks and over 1000 herbs, plants and flowers have dissolved into the waters. 300 of these have been identified as having medicinal properties and 200 have been extinct for over 500 years. It is impossible for science to recreate this liquid.
Dr Greg Emerson

Natural Mineral Drink (aka Feroxin) contains a multitude of necessary trace elements including barium, bismuth, boron, calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, germanium, gold, iron, magnesium, molybedenum, nickel, phosphorus, potassium, rubidium, selenium, sodium, silicon, silver, tin, titanium, vanadium and zinc.

Deficiencies in several of these are common, and are the root cause of many health issues.